About us
Jinshan Carbide factory has nearly 20 years of production history, is the professional production of various kinds of carbide manufacturers. Since our inception, science and technology as guide, quality as the cornerstone. Through technological innovation, and technology introduction, product quality has a new leap forward, through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, the factory mainly produces "Jinyou card" cemented carbide products, cars, milling, drilling with the accuracy level can be blade, blades and tools for welding and mining gear ball, solder film, rod, bar, sheet, drawn mold and all kinds of wear-resistant parts, in addition to suppliers according to the standard specimens can also undertake all types of special form of manufacturing and finishing products.
Product specifications complete model plant for the metallurgical, machinery, geology, coal, chemicals, electronics, textile and defense ministries to provide military pressure, high temperature, corrosion-resistant components, etc.. "Jinyou card" products at home and abroad have a higher Henry's reputation, popular throughout the country and the world as many countries and regions.
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